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  • Пол:Унисекс
  • Категория:Спортивная медицина
  • Бренд:Asics
  • Вид спорта: Волейбол, Баскетбол, Футбол, Легкая атлетика, Гандбол, Регби, Другое, Борьба
  • Артикул:
  • Размер:
  • Цена:4 150,00 руб.

Actimove® GenuMotion Actimove® GenuMotion is a dynamic knee support featuring a 3D knitting technology for optimised compression, stability and breathability. High quality, latex-free knitting yarn provides softness and enduring comfort. The hi-tech dot design gently massages the knee area, while the patella knee ring correctly positions and guides the patella. Actimove® GenuMotion is part of the innovative Actimove® Motion range, made in Germany.